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Pursue a career in media, communication and creative arts to discover your talent and explore your passion. You’ll gain invaluable contacts and insights through our expert teaching staff who continue to work in the industry.


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Discover your talent and explore your passion

Express your individuality, challenge the norm and create without limitations under the guidance of experienced industry professionals. Complement your major area of study with other arts disciplines to give you an edge in the market, to take on jobs in a range of communication and creative roles. You’ll also have the chance to collaborate with students across other arts disciplines, broadening your understanding and expertise, to graduate as a well-rounded creative practitioner. From course flexibility, to excellent connections with industry, you can have it all at Deakin.

Imagine your way to a creative career

With our innovative courses, teachers who work in industry, and the latest technologies, you'll be set up for a successful career in an imaginative industry.

Learn from the experts

Our staff have worked and continue to work in the industry and have many years of experience between them. This means you’ll get great insights as well as invaluable contacts.

Gain industry experience

Take up an internship in Australia or abroad as part of your degree and add to your portfolio of work while gaining valuable industry contacts and experience.

Conduct research with us

Inventive, diverse and cutting-edge, the School of Communication and Creative Arts (SCCA) is home to internationally acknowledged research in a multiplicity of traditional and non-traditional areas within the arts.

At Deakin, we make it a priority to prepare our students for the workforce by equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen career.

Professor Vanessa Lemm

Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts and Education

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Stories of life at Deakin and beyond

The Faculty of Arts and Education content hub features in-depth stories from students, staff and alumni about their experiences of studying at Deakin, their new careers and more.

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Communication and creative arts single units

Single units are a fast and flexible way to future-proof your career. You'll get a taste for studying at Deakin and the unit itself will still count towards a degree if you decide to enrol in one afterwards.

Explore now

Studying writing and literature

Whether you're aspiring to be a published author or an educator with a passion for literacy, studying writing and literature at Deakin can help you build a career that you love.

A career in communications

Trying to break into the fast-paced and constantly evolving word of communications can be overwhelming. Hear about our course options the units on offer, work integrated learning options and internships available to you.

Learn in industry-standard facilities

Students will have access to industry standard equipment and the latest  technologies. Hone your skills and prepare for your future career in customised facilities, including our:

  • television broadcast studio
  • virtual production studio (coming in 2023 – Australia's biggest university-owned production studio)
  • dance and drama studios
  • professional photographic lighting studio
  • news production space and editorial hub
  • dedicated gallery spaces.

#1 university for student satisfaction

Get an experience at Deakin that is like no other. Join us to see for yourself why our students have voted us #1 for student satisfaction in Victoria for 12 years running^.

Virtual production is the inevitable culmination of film production and gaming technology. As gaming engines and film techniques continue to evolve and collide, real time photoreal virtual production offers storytellers and content creators the chance to dream larger than ever before, without breaking producer’s budgets.

Clayton Jacobson – Chief Executive Dreamscreen Australia

Deakin is proud to be the exclusive university education and research partner with Dreamscreen

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^Year on year, our undergraduate students are the most-satisfied students of all Victorian universities. Australian Graduate Survey 2010–2015, Graduate Outcomes Survey 2016–2021 (GOS), Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT).