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Dr Matt Dingle

Dr Matt Dingle shares his journey from boat builder to studying a PhD in engineering, to founding several successful companies including Carbon Revolution and FormFlow.

Olivia Knowles

PhD candidate Olivia Knowles shares how the skills she’s learning in sports science will help make an impact as women’s football grows.

Environmental Science

Making a career switch from cosmetics to biodiversity conservation, PhD candidate Anne is working with new technologies to improve ecological knowledge about wildlife and engage society with nature.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

On a journey to supercharge his career, PhD candidate Tran is helping computers understand humans to make the world safer.

Biomedical Engineering

With industry experience as a research engineer Dr Bipasha Kashyap is using human speech algorithms to identify the presence and severity of Cerebellar Ataxia to improve health outcomes.

Frontier Materials

Dr Filip Stojcevski shares his journey from completing a materials science PhD to uncovering an environmentally friendly solution to carbon fibre waste.

Frontier Materials

Set to ‘supercharge’ her career, PhD candidate Karolina is following her passion for materials science and developing internationally recognised green battery storage technology.

Exercise Science

From the footy oval to the sleep lab, Olivia's PhD journey involves helping female athletes get the most out of their bodies.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Motivated by his experience as a software engineer, Matthew is working to improve artificial intelligence-infused software systems so that in the future when we shop online, post on social media, or stream the latest binge worthy series our user experience is seamless.

Biomedical Engineering

Bipasha Kashyap shares how she's using human speech algorithms to identify the presence and severity of Cerebellar Ataxia to improve health outcomes.

Dr Fiona Hillary

Dr Fiona Hillary shares how a PhD in public art enabled her to create an immersive 360-degree experience encouraging audiences to consider their implication in climate change.

Frontier Materials

Deakin offered PhD graduate Filip the opportunity to work on Australia’s only carbon fibre line. As someone interested in aerospace materials and high performance, this was the perfect place to perform a PhD.

Military Sociology

Studying a PhD at Deakin helped Cate to expand her skill base and become a course designer in the Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics at the Australian Defence College.

Public Art

Studying a PhD at Deakin helped Fiona draw on her career as an artist, exploring how immersive art in public spaces can engage audiences with urgent issues such as climate change.

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